What is AMG Antimicrobial glove?

AMG is the world’s first non-leaching antimicrobial glove, specifically designed to kill microbes on the outer glove surface rapidly upon contact.


The Power of Singlet Oxygen

The key ingredient of the AMG antimicrobial glove is a photosensitiser, which is incorporated on the outer glove surface. Upon exposure to light, the photosensitiser reacts with oxygen in the immediate vicinity to generate singlet oxygen.

Singlet oxygen is highly reactive and more oxidative compared to ground state oxygen. Therefore, it is able to kill microbes by oxidising the cells’ protein and lipid. The generation of singlet oxygen will continue as it absorbs light and air.

The Benefits of Singlet Oxygen

Singlet oxygen is a non-selective system that can react rapidly against many microbial components. There is no single protection mechanism that bacteria can use to protect themselves from singlet oxygen. This is in contrast to antibiotics, which needs a very specific mechanism to kill the bacteria. As singlet oxygen is transient, it does not lead to the release of persistent biocides into the environment.

Live Dead Staining Demo

Witness the Live Dead Stain Demo with real time test results.


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